O4B+ Coaching Starter Pack

$250.00 $250.00

The O4B+ Coaching Starter Pack will provide 2 hours of training on how to use our e-Learning platform; the different roles that can be assigned as apart of the training delivery; tips and tricks on how you or your coach|mentors can better support the learning within your business, to achieve stronger and more engaged learners and learning outcomes.

The O4B+ Coach program materials include:

  • How to use our O4B+ Coach program
  • Information about our O4B+ Coach guidelines
  • Information about our O4B+ Coach skills
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching Agreement Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching Goal & Action Plan Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching GROW Coaching Model Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching Self-Reflection Worksheet Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching Session Checklist Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching Session Template
  • An Interactive O4B+ Coaching SMART Goals Worksheet Template


Our O4B+ Coaching Starter Pack is designed to ensure that your business gets off on the right foot when it comes to using our e-Learning platform. It’s essential that our e-Learning solution is easy to use and that business understand how to maximise the different roles that create this learning experience. Because not everyone has been exposed to or has the time to develop coaching resources, O4BP has completed the work for you.  Before launching a coaching program like the O4B+ Coach program in your business, you should consider two important questions:

  1. What do we want to learn?
  2. What do we want to achieve?

At O4BP, our goal is to provide the right learning, to the right people, at the right time. This goal is driven by three core beliefs:

  • That all employees have the right to learn, regardless of the location, role or level in a business;
  • That learning is the responsibility of everyone;
  • That all employees are capable, motivated & have the capacity to grow the businesses learning culture.

Empowering your employees to both teach & learn from one another offers tremendous benefits to your business. Remember, not all learning needs to take place in a classroom full of people. This is where the O4B+ Coach program has the advantage your business needs.