Our O4B+ Team Performance Workplace Audit option is designed to provide businesses with a better understanding of how well their managing team performance & the development of their people.  This audit tool will assess the team's current capability & provide recommendations on how to better equip your people to perform their roles more efficiently.

It’s not enough for businesses to believe that they only need to recruit people that fit their current role. It’s very important that businesses are ensuring that their workforce is well equipped for what the business requires in the future, which is why it is critical they people are given the opportunity to grow & develop beyond what they come to the role with.

Ask yourself this question,is your business doing enough to grow & develop its people to meet the needs of the business in the future?

Did you know that a business that has performance & development procedures in place believe it results in better people retention, greater motivation & a happier work environment?

An increase in engagement is only relevant once an accurate & visible process of performance feedback & discussions is established. Continuous performance management enables businesses to identify when praise or reward due, it is more evident when people are going above-&-beyond, it makes it easier to manage goals & personal (professional) development, as well as making better decisions about compensation, such as pay increases or bonuses.

The information that is shared about the business during our O4B+ Workplace Audit options is analysed by an O4B+ Solutionist, who produces a report on the findings & emails this report back within 48-72 hours of submission.

This O4B+ Team Performance Workplace Audit will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

It is important that you enter your full name, company & email address so that our O4B+ Solutionist can finalise the report & share the findings with you. At any time our O4B+ Solutionist can be reached by email - solutions@o4bp.com, for any urgent queries. We're always looking for more in everything we do for you, as we understand that this extra effort could be the difference between your success or failure.

** Please note that although we try our best to have the report back within 48-72 hours on weekdays, any O4B+ Workplace Audit options completed & submitted over the weekend or during holiday periods may take our O4B+ Solutionist a little longer to finalise.

O4B+ Team Performance Workplace Audit