Why you should conduct an O4B+ Workplace Audit

Our O4B+ Workplace Audit options are a set of electronic diagnostic tools that are used to assess all the key components of your business.

After selecting & completing your preferred workplace audit solution, an O4B+ Solutionist works with you to review the results of the audit. You’ll be provided with comprehensive feedback with prioritised recommendations (when required) that will let you focus on issues before they become detrimental to your business growth.

So, why not get started now, complete one (or more) of our workplace audit options & commence the journey with an O4B+ Solutionist who will work with you & your business to find any unknown issues that might be the difference between your success or failure.

ALL O4B+ Workplace Audits are FREE to complete & an O4B+Solutionist will review your responses and get a report to you within 2-3 business days of submission.

WHS Audit

Get an indication of how your business WHS practices are tracking & if further steps are required to improve them.

HR Essentials Audit

Assess the level of HR practices within your business & understand gaps in your current HR processes.

Training Audit

Help identify possible training in the business that might require improvement & better-equip your staff.

Recruitment Audit

Breakdown your businesses recruitment process, identify areas of improvement & hire the right people.

Team Culture Audit

Assess the cultural health of your business by taking a high-level view of your business culture, shared values & workplace attitudes.

Team Performance Audit

Better understand how well you're managing team performance & development of your people.

Policies Audit

Review current business policies to ensure legal compliance, that the business has a clear set of rules, principles, standards & guidelines in place.

Full HR Health Check Audit

Assess your HR management structure by answering a series of questions that cover a wide range of employee matters.

More about conducting an O4B+ Workplace Audit

Having an understanding of the health & well-being of a business should be of great importance to any business owner. Conducting regular workplace audits that assess key areas of your business that have the potential to expose you & your business to legal & reputational risk should be a high priority for any sized business.

The O4B+ Workplace Audit options are designed to work in unison with an O4B+ Solutionist to provide you & your business with deep insights into the root causes of potential risk identified in undertaking the audit process.

Our O4B+ Workplace Audit options provide you & your business with feedback & recommended solutions specifically tailored to your particular business needs.