An O4B+ Onboarding Video Sample

The sample video provided below is the type of induction & instructional video that an O4B+ Solutionist can develop for you.

Due to the unknown hours of work involved in creating an induction video for your business, we ask that you review the "how-to guide" and the "hints & tips" documents found on the 'Induction Video Content & Upload' before completing the 'Induction Scripting Template' provided. This will ensure that an O4B+ Solutionist can connect with you to discuss your business needs, including any assessment requirements.

After an O4B+ Solutionist has consulted with your business, they will provide you with a detailed understanding of the scope of work required. Only when a signed scope agreement has been returned will work commence on this induction video.

If you're unsure about your business needs, connect with us here to find out more or visit our O4B+Shop to start the process.