The O4B+ Coaching Starter Pack

Introducing a strong learning culture can better position your business for shifts in future skills needs & helps to prime your employees to think & act more like owners when it comes to their own development needs.

It’s well known that when a business chooses to embrace a culture of learning, it creates an environment that encourages curiosity & knowledge sharing, which in turn leads to better business outcomes. Our O4B+ Coaching Starter Pack has been designed to support you and your team during the initial stages of using our e Learning platform.

An effective way to promote a learning culture is through the introduction of a coaching/mentoring program like the O4B+Coach program. This type of inclusion helps businesses & their employees to develop & grow through the teaching of others, with the coaches/ mentors themselves also being taught during the same learning process.

Because O4BP is about making your business easier, we'll provide you with our O4B+ Coach program materials, valued at over $200.00, as part of the O4B+Coaching Starter Pack.

What makes O4B+ Coaching different

In order for any peer to peer program to work effectively, it needs to be part of a wider business culture that values continuous learning. No matter your industry, it’s very likely that your employees, business & your bottom line will benefit from an environment where everyone is learning new skills, finding new opportunities & developing new behaviours.

The success of the O4B+ Coach program in your business will rest on four key philosophies that make up our O4B+ Learning Model.

  • Learning is a process & not a classroom event. Learning requires motivation, the opportunity to practice & continuous feedback which all form an essential part of the O4B+ Coach program.
  • Learning happens in real life & not in a textbook. Using the O4B+ Coach program allows your employees to make the connection between learning theory & practical application.
  • Learning is personal & not a one size fits all approach. The O4B+ Coach program acknowledges everyone learns differently & is tailored to provide flexibility for each business.
  • Learning is social & not solitary. The O4B+ Coach program encourages employees to connect with their peers, share their experiences & learn from each other on a daily basis.