O4B+ Virtual HR Assistance (FREE 15 minutes)

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Not sure what you need? Do you require help with employee matters or help to complete your purchased documents?

Don’t worry, this is a FREE initial consultation with an O4B+ Solutionist who will reach out via an email to organised the best time for us to call & speak with you. During the allocated time purchased, our O4B+ Solutionist will assist you with options & solutions for your business needs.

For more about this purchase option, please read the information provided in the description section directly below. 


O4B+ Virtual HR Assistance

What’s included:

    • An email from an O4B+ Solutionist to arrange the best time to connect with you.
          • Included in the email will be some additional information that will help you maximise the time allocation you have purchased.   
    • A phone call, at the time arranged (from the email reply), to discuss your requirements relating to:
          • Any questions that you might have about the document you have purchased from us;
          • Any people or HR matters that you might be experiencing or requiring guidance or assistance with.
    • Any guidance you might require in selecting the best & most appropriate O4B+ Document Solution.
          • We would recommend purchasing our O4B+ Virtual HR Assistance before purchasing any document(s) to obtain guidance from an O4B+ Solutionist. This can save you time and money in the long run.

To ensure your phone discussion with our O4B+ Solutionist is productive, take the time to write down detailed questions in advance & email them, with your contact number, to the email address we have provided, once your purchase has been confirmed.

    • We will respond with available times to schedule your O4B+ Virtual HR Assistance appointment.
          • If more time is needed to answer all the questions presented, additional units can be purchased from the O4B+ Shop & the O4B+ Solutionist will be automatically advised of the additional time selected.
    • Please note that this purchased allocation does not include providing you with any emails or written advice unless this is undertaken during the allocated time slot or multiples thereof.

Option for Business Plus does not provide legal advice & any selection of relevant documents is undertaken at the sole discretion of the purchaser.