The O4BP Story

Options For Business Plus (O4BP) was created from the need to provide cost-effective solutions to businesses & their people - especially those in regional & remote locations.

Every business experiences ups & downs & O4BP has a passion for changing the additional costs that businesses - especially those in regional & remote areas, need to pay for expert Human Resource services.

At O4BP, we're committed to working with you to create simple solutions & where possible, different options to fit your business needs. Our solutions include delivering experienced & professional human resource support; provision & delivery of professional development  & eLearning training courses; providing access to over 200 legally supported business documents that will minimise the risk in your business & build compliance; offering professional workplace health & safety support; & professional assistance to help you navigate the minefield of interpreting your workplace award obligations.

Need HR Advice & Support?

Not sure what you need? Do you require help with employee matters or help to complete any of your purchased documents?

Then there's no need to worry because with Options for Business Plus an O4B+Solutionist is ready & able to assist you to find the right options & solutions for your business or people needs.

Need some help?

At O4BP, helping you & your business to succeed isn't about providing a one size fits all solution. It's about providing the right solution, at the right time, to solve the right problem. That's why we developed the O4B+ Options range of products. Each one offering our O4B+ Client Network choice & flexibility to tailor their own unique solutions.

As a business, O4BP understands that we can't be experts at everything. Sometimes your business will need help & solutions that fall outside our expertise. Yet, that doesn't mean O4BP can't connect you with the specialists your business needs. We have developed a network of strong business partnerships & professional connections. This allows O4BP to work with you to find the specialised options & solutions that meet your needs.
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